Get your tickets now for the Cuina Oberta Festival, where old is new like never before

The Cuina Oberta Festival will be held from November 9 to 19 and feature the best menus and new experiences.

The Festival, which you can get tickets for now, is the illustrious heir of Valencia Cuina Oberta, keeping the best of the old, but with many new features that make it even more tasty, fun and complete.

What does that mean?

It means that it has turned into a festival where, for ten days, you can enjoy very special menus in the city's top establishments, and also sign up for unique gastronomic experiences.

All designed exclusively for the festival, which maintains its two editions: spring and autumn.

With the presentations out of the way, let's break it down.

If you want to try the menus of this edition, the Festival Cuina Oberta continues to offer prices with options for all budgets:

  • €28 lunch menu and €36 dinner menu.
  • €48 lunch menu and €56 dinner menu in gourmet restaurants.
  • €80 lunch menu and €100 dinner menu in Michelin-starred restaurants.

Keep in mind that the drink is separate.

Let's look at what's new. This year's lineup features over 50 restaurants, many Cuina Oberta classics, and also interesting additions such as Hotaru (Japanese), Alejandro Platero, La Perfumería in the Hotel Palacio Vallier, Kuzina (Greek), the Juliana Restaurant, with Mediterranean cuisine, and the Raro restaurant, where the only strange thing would be if you didn't like it.

Moving on to Michelin-starred restaurants, there will be three heavyweights, namely El Poblet, La Salita and Riff, which need no further introduction.

And as we said, in addition to enjoying these menus, always made with seasonal and local ingredients, the Festival includes various experiences, such as horchata, sushi, vermouth and rice workshops; musical performances with a cocktail; a shepherd's walk among the local Guirros lambs; or a visit to the farmers' market followed by lunch.  

Sounds good, right?

So don't dilly-dally and check out what's cooking at the new Cuina Oberta Festival Get your tickets now because they're going fast.

Welcome, Festival Cuina Oberta!

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